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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I shop on your site? How are payments processed?
Please go to our Help page for more information on creating an account and shopping in our store. Our online store is powered by Volusion. Our payment gateway is handled by PayPal for a secure processing of your payment information. Please refer to our site's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information.

2. What is the advantage of using recycled PETE fabric?
Recycled PETE fabric is made from using post-consumer recycled PETE plastic bottles. Clean Conscience reusable bags help divert these plastic bottles from becoming pollutants in our waste stream as we repurpose them into new and useable goods.
Secondly, it is important to wash your shopping bags to get rid of dirt and food particles that might lead to unhealthy bacterial growth. Recycled PETE bottle fabric does not shrink like cotton canvas after washing.

3. How do we clean or wash Clean Conscience reusable shopping bags?
All bags are washable and food carriershoppingbags SHOULD BE WASHED REGULARLY to avoid the risk ofunhealthy bacterial growth.
Spot clean where needed. For food shopping and grocery bags, we recommend hand or machine washing with mild soap and cold water. Hang dry only.
The following explains how each type of fabric will react differently to washing.
100% recycled plastic bottle fabric will have very little shrinkage, if any. We prefer this fabric for food shopping bags since itholds up very wellevenwith frequent washing. They can be hand or machine washed in delicate cycle and cold water. Hang dry only.
100% cotton canvas bagswill shrink the most and tends to lose itsshape after washing.
The Hybrid fabric is a combination of 70% recycled cotton and 30% recycled plastic bottles. This offersless shrinkage than 100% cotton bags andmaintains its look and shape even after washing.

4. What is the percentage of recycled content in our bags?
Our recycled PET plastic bottles bags are made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles. In case of our Hybrid Tote bags, the fabric is made with a mix of 70% pre-consumer recycled cotton and 30% post-consumer recycled PETplastic water bottles.

5. What is the difference between recycled and reusable?
Reusable only means that you can reuse it over again. It does not mean that it is recycled or recyclable. Recyclable means that it can be re-processed to create new products, which is only possible if there is a recycling facility that will actually accept and re-process the item. Otherwise, it will still end up in our landfill.

6. What does post-consumer waste and pre-consumer waste mean?
Post-consumer waste materials are those that are obtained from used containers, packaging or other user-discarded items that may have been used in drinks, food items,equipment or any other packaged merchandise. Pre-consumer waste materials arethose obtained frommanufacturing excesses or overruns from factories. By reclaiming waste materials to use for our green products, we help reduce the amount of trash that would otherwise go into ourlandfill. We also help minimize the depletion of natural resources by eliminating the need to use virgin raw materials.

7. How does Clean Conscience Goods help our environment and America?
We believe that the best way to be green is to conserve the use ofvirgin raw materials,reduce the amount of trash,utilize recycled materials to make new goods, and employ our domestic factories to helpsupport America's economy. Our products are designed and created to use recycled materials that were sourced domestically and built right here at homein America. Our fabric was sourced from domestic mills, and the bags were sewn using local factories. We believe that we are helping Americans be green both environmentally and economically.

8. Can we order custom printed bags with our logo?
We offer custom printing of your logo for your promotion or trade show give-away. Please go to our Custom Logo Printed Bags page for more information.

9. Where else can we purchase your products?
Clean Conscience reusable bags are also available on Amazon.com.

10. Do you sell wholesale?
Yes, we accept wholesale orders. Please go to the Contact Us page to send us an inquiry.

We help clean up our waste stream by starting here at home – in America. Clean Conscience™ reusable bags are made from recycled materials that are sourced domestically and produced using our labor and materials.

We focus on recycled plastic bottles because plastic is the most widely used material in packaging the food and drinks that we all enjoy. It`s convenient, portable and great for storage. But the more we use it without recycling, the more waste we generate, causing pollution in our environment it remains in the waste stream. Our job is to encourage recycling rather than wasting, and to up-cycle recycled materials to make new and useful goods for all of us to use and enjoy.