slogoboxvertical Our Mission

All reusable bags are not created equal™. That's right. We're not just another reusable shopping bag company. While we make some really wonderful, useful, smart products, what we're doing is not just about bags. Clean Conscience Goods is about a lifestyle that is mindful of the way we live. It's a new way of thinking.

Our goal is to inform people, augment awareness, and find ways that will help create a cleaner, greener and more productive America. Here's our full-time to-do list:

To clean – We're un-wasting. We help reduce the number of non-biodegradable post-consumer plastic bottles that end up in our landfills and oceans, polluting and destroying nature's balance.

To green – We're up-cycling. We create new and useful products made from 100% recycled materials.

To support – We're re-hiring America. Our products are made from domestically sourced materials using American labor. And we donate a portion of our sales to American charities.

How Did this Whole Thing Develop?
For the past couple of centuries, society has focused on advanced technology, higher achievements, and progress on every level. We certainly lead fuller, easier, more convenient lives than any generation that has come before us. But at what cost?

The packaging and portability aspects of our increased consumerism and "disposable" lifestyles has resulted in the use of increasing levels of natural resources. And somewhere along the line, we seem to have forgotten that when we throw things away that we no longer have a use for, there really is no such place as "away".

Our accumulation of waste and garbage production in vast proportions has begun to outweigh our ability to contain it. Air and water pollution, global warming, depletion of our earth's resources, and an astonishing amount of landfill that seems never to diminish has gotten out of hand. You may not see it every day, because landfills are deliberately placed out of the general population's view.

But, we think it's time to make a change to a more responsible way of living.

How Can We Change It?
It's not our aim, nor our wish, to stop the wheels of progress. We just want to bring awareness to the fact that progress has many aspects. One we like best focuses on conserving resources for future generations, as we put unwanted materials back into the stream of usefulness. It's certainly achievable – and we're making it happen.
We can't change people's habits overnight. But information is our strongest ally. The more we know about the consequences of our disposable lifestyles, the easier it will be for all of us to live more consciously. That's it in a nutshell. Conscious living as a catalyst for change.

Where Do We Start?
We help clean up our waste stream by starting here at home – in America. Clean Conscience™ reusable shopping bags are made from recycled materials that are sourced domestically and produced using our labor and materials.

We focus on recycled plastic bottles because plastic is the most widely used material in packaging the food and drinks that we all enjoy. It's convenient, portable and great for storage. But the more we use it without recycling, the more waste we generate, causing pollution in our environment it it remains in the waste stream. Our job is to encourage recycling rather than wasting, and to up-cycle recycled materials to make new and useful goods for all of us to use and enjoy.

We can't do it alone. Join us as we create a cleaner, greener, and more productive America. Pledge to un-waste, recycle, and to use up-cycled products when you shop. If you do your share and start recycling more, we promise to do our part and continue bringing you new and different up-cycled products for your green living.

This is just the beginning of a whole new way of living... the Clean Conscience™ way.

Our Products
Clean Conscience™ stands for smart, clean and green products. We offer functional, eco-friendly, smart and earth-friendly reusable bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, lunch bags, shoe bags, and laundry bags. Our products are made using re-purposed and recycled PETE plastic water bottles, recycled cotton or a blend of both. We offer a variey of reusable bags that is ideal for carrying your grocery, produce, lunch, books, laundry, shoes, toddler or baby gear, and travel items; or for your activities at the gym, yoga class, beach, resort, or country club. Clean Conscience reusable bags are also ideal for custom printing your logo for promotions, tradeshows, conferences, or fundraising events.

Our Green Business Policy
Our business is about helping green-up America. We also believe that we have to practice what we preach. AAH HAA, Inc., the parent company of CleanConscienceGoods.com recognizes the importance of conservation and reducing the consumption of resources. We are committed to implementing sustainable and eco-friendly practices in our workplace and with businesses that we are engaged with. Our green business operating policies are as follows:

Reduce paper waste by eliminating unnecessary printing or photocopying, use emails as much as possible instead of paper mail, scan documents instead of making paper files, print on both sides of sheets, and recycle used paper products.

Reduce waste in general, by practicing just-in-time inventory system and eliminating bulk purchases to avoid any unneeded items that could end up in trash later.

Repurpose waste by purchasing products made from recycled materials, giving preference to products made from post-consumer waste.

Reduce energy use by setting computers on sleep timers and turning off lights, equipment and systems after work or when not in use.

Reduce our carbon footprint by telecommuting, using webinars, and teleconferencing instead of driving and air traveling to meetings.

Encourage more green by working with green certified businesses.

Promote greener marketing practices by using only practical, functional and eco-friendly promotional give away items.

Support and green-up our economy by sourcing services and materials from domestic suppliers and manufacturers.