The Proliferation of Bad SEO Companies – Hiring The Right One For Your Pages

All it takes is one simple search to find a SEO company. This is not a difficult task, and millions of people do this on a regular basis. You may have even done it in the past, cycling through a lot of different results on the path of hiring someone to help you with a number of issues that you had with our web page. This may seem innocent enough, and truth be told it is. However, there is something sinister happening right now, and that same search is yielding a lot more problems than you may realize. There is a proliferation of bad search engine optimization companies starting to get into the framework of search queries, and you may end up running into one. It’s best not to proceed with hiring someone that claims they are an expert based solely on search results, but rather weighing a few different things.

High Quality Companies Have Websites

search engineWhen you’re looking to get help with any type of internet service, make sure that whomever you contact, has a website. It’s easy to hire someone that claims they are an expert, and when they jump on board your project, leave you with no changes. Keeping that in mind, make sure that you find a company that has a website, even if it’s not a compelling page.
Even a freely hosted site is better than a random classified advertisement or a forum page with the promises of delivering high quality web work. A business is more than just a forum post and a blog. Any company that is worth hiring, should invest in their own site before they start messing with anyone else’s.

Track Record of Success

If you want to hire the right SEO company, then ask for references Not only that, make sure that you look for previous clients and visit their pages. Always ask for a portfolio, and whatever information the company has to display their value. If they can’t muster up any information, or they simply decline to give you a point of reference, then they will not be worth hiring, plain and simple.
Too many people online assume that a good internet marketing company can be trusted solely on the basis of their word. Even if you land on a good website, and everything looks professional, you will need to factor in certain considerations to ensure you’re not ripped off. Look for their track record and make sure that they are going to do a good job, like they have done in the past.

A Race To The Lowest Price

Search-Engine-MarketingYou may not have the budget to invest in a long term SEO company. That’s not a problem, you can find great companies that will help you in the short term and do things right. However, you will also find that there are some bad companies that are racing to the lowest possible price. Some companies are even advertising their work on sites that only cost $5 to do the work. If you pay next to nothing for the optimization of your website, you are going to get delivered something bad. Do not skimp on this, make sure that you hire someone that is professional and isn’t selling their highly sought after services for next to nothing. This will be a huge mistake.
With so many negative companies getting to the top of search engines, some may ask about their tactics. Well, they do know something about search engines, and that’s the fact that you can be king for a day. If you want to be #1 on any given day, you can. They are and they manage to pull in a lot of suckers for their services. The problem here is that it’s only a day, and that is not conducive to long term success in any business venture you pursue today.

SEO Explode Provides the Best SEO Services

What is SEO?

SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO) is a part of internet marketing, which aims to generate more traffic to a website. It comprises of various techniques and strategies designed to place the website on the top of the search engine’s result page. It is a common knowledge that most users of the internet only click on websites found on the first page of the search results. Therefore, the rank in a search engine can greatly affect the traffic that is directed towards the website. The higher the rank of a website in the search result, the bigger the chance that it will generate more visitors.

Optimizing a website is not an overnight process. It takes a lot of research, analysis and promotional effort to successfully help a website earn its rank among the top websites in the top search engines. Many companies offer SEO services, but only a few can guarantee the implementation of effective strategies and deliver positive results.

Who is SEO Explode?

One of those reliable SEO companies is the New York based SEO Explode. The company is composed of high caliber consultants and experts who are well-trained in the industry to fulfill every client’s needs. It is rated with Grade A by the Better Business Bureau and it is a testament to its dedication to provide only the best services.

It doesn’t matter if the client has an old website, a new website or does not have a website yet. The company can cater to every website, even websites that have been penalized by search engines for their black hat or unethical search engine optimization practices.

What are the services offered?

SEOExplode has the best SEO services that are evident in its over 10 years of solid experience in helping clients boost their businesses by improving their websites’ rankings. The company is known to provide various top-notch white hat SEO services; these are ethical optimization techniques that drive more traffic to the website and offer the best the long-term results.

SEO services by SEO explode include:
  • Organic SEO – It means the website uses algorithm based listings to achieve a natural placement in the search engines. It is an off-site SEO that usually uses techniques such as keywords and keyword analysis. Identified keywords are sent to various search engines to be indexed. Organic SEO also takes advantage of link building and back linking as well as optimizing articles and titles. In some instances, there is a need to change and improve the website contents to make them relevant.
  • Local SEO – It means that the website is optimized to rank higher in proximity-based searches. The local searches are usually based on regional and hyper-specific locations. Many local businesses can benefit from this strategy because it can target the users who want more individualized search results. Some of the best ways to take advantage of local SEO is to use Google Map in the website and get the site listed with various local business directories in order to get more back links.
  • On-site SEO – It means the whole website is being optimized for search engines to find it. It is important to note that even if the off-site organic SEO is extensive, if the website is not optimized, the effort will not be as effective. One of the best things that can be done to optimize the website is to use the keywords in the website content. The keywords can also be used in the title, domain, tags and meta tags.

Other related SEO services by SEO explode are SEO consulting and SEO-friendly web design and hosting. The company also offers other internet marketing services such as social networking, content writing, web analytics and reporting. In addition, it also caters to reputation management, pay per click, conversion optimization, video creation and video optimization.

What are the company’s best practices?

The company believes that the delivery SEO services should be done in a transparent and professional manner. Even before a project proceeds, the company makes sure that every client is well-attended to. A free consultation is offered to all potential clients to help them determine what needs to be done and how it should be done. Other details such as project timeline, pricing and other information that the prospective clients need to know are discussed during the consultation.

When the project starts to roll, an SEO expert is always there to assist the client in every step of the way, from examining and analyzing the website to finding the best course of action. He is also tasked to initiate an open communication with the client and to give him relevant updates and regarding the work that has been done. No doubt, SEOExplode has the best SEO services because it gives the client a good value for his money.

The company understands how important it is for every client to cut cost and yet still get quality services. That is why it offers affordable and competitive rates for all SEO services and other related offerings. It is also committed to help many business owners, especially owners of small businesses, to improve their productivity and increase their revenues. Moreover, the company also helps clients lower their IT-related expenses.

Other great reasons that make SEO Explode the best SEO service provider:

  • It provides a high level of customer service and its customer support are available 24 hours a day.
  • It provides free consultation and offers free SEO service quotation.
  • It provides all the needed software needed to track the SEO results.
  • It allows cancellation of the services anytime and there is no long-term obligation.

Tips on Writing An SEO Friendly Content

Writing An SEO Friendly ContentIt is not difficult to write an SEO friendly article. Writing one does not mean you need to promote and give positive comments about search engines. You must realize that your articles must be conducive for the readers, not for the search engines. You are writing articles to cater the needs of the readers. Search engines would only require you to write high-quality and interesting articles for their clients. An over-optimized page is not fun to visit.

Here are some tips on how to write an SEO friendly content.

·         Provide relevant articles.

Mostly, search engines will know if your site offers high-quality and relevant articles. Inserting keywords that are not related to your site’s content is not allowed. Search engines will recognize if you have done this. If you do, you may get a lower ranking. But if you still do this for the second time, you may be banned by the search engine.

·         Write conclusions at the start of the articles.

To rank higher in search engine results, you must include the main keyword in the first paragraph of your article. For instance, if your article is about slow cooker recipes, then it is better to mention “slow cooker recipes” first in your introductory paragraph. You may also include this keyword in your title. You can use synonyms on the second and third paragraph.

·         Make use of lists rather than paragraphs.

Lists are easily recognized by the search engines because they are easier to read. Search engines want their customers to easily read and understand information.

·         Insert keywords in your links.

Search engines can easily recognize your topic if the keyword phrase is included in your page link. If your topic is about slow cooker, then the site’s link must have “slow cooker” in it.


Do not include unrelated words in the link.

·         Put some sub-headings on your articles.

Your articles will appear longer if you do not include subheadings. It is better to incorporate subheadings that contain your keywords. You can use heading tags in making your subheads.

·         Make sure to proofread your articles.

Keywords will not be conducive if they are spelled wrongly. Your articles will look more professional if your spelling, grammar and sentence construction are correct.

Extra SEO Considerations

Another important factor in SEO is repetition. After you decide on your specific keyword phrase, you need to write this for numerous times in the entire article. You must scatter the keywords so that it won’t look like stuffed keywords. You can have 2 keywords in the introductory paragraph, 1 in each sub-heading, 3 times in other paragraphs and 1 in the title.

It will be better if you utilize the bold text feature for headings, and subheadings. You may also use heading tags and other forms of emphasis in highlighting your keywords. However, you must not overdo it. Another form of highlighting keywords is to include them in pictures and links. It will be easier for the readers to remember the topic if they will see it for several times. Only put keywords in less obvious areas.


SEO friendly content only requires you to provide something that can help people to solve their problems and to answer their questions. Any article containing pleasant and accurate information is accepted by search engines. A novice may find it confusing at the start. It will take time and dedication to master optimizing your website’s content.

Do not hesitate to consult other people regarding the search engine optimization. Many people can give you valuable suggestions for improving your articles and driving traffic to your site.